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news 21.7.10 - by hb9hlm 21/07/2010 @ 07:36

HB9CVC gave me some news by telephone, it informs me that all is well, they currently reach 3000 QSO, the antenna 50MHz was installed on a building of 3 floors, they wait now that electricity is connected to be able to emit, normally will be thing made in the day of today then a beacon will be on 50090.0, thank you as of informing them by SMS when you hear the beacon so that they make QSY on 50118.0, the antenna delta loop was installed and functions well the 1st 40m activities had miles this night and that functioned well. Now that all the TEAM is installed hopes to be able to carry out more QSO, they realize that to 3 it is limiting and that it is difficult to do everything but they will try to do the utmost ..... 73 Andre HB9HLM

QTH Change for XT2EME team - by hb9hlm 20/07/2010 @ 07:21

Today the team will change QTH of the 50MHz station because with the current QTH, the antenna is too low and there is too much QRM. They will install the antenna on the roof of a building and they also will install an antenna for 40 and 80m band because they did not activate these bands yet. Yesterday on phone they explained me that it was not easy on the current QTH, to much noise on all HF bands and the antennas are too low. The team that there are better but it is not simple. it hope that operational tomorrow July 21st and all functions better with the new QTH. Thank you for your comprehension. 73 QRO HB9HLM

No internet connexion in Ouagadougou - by hb9hli 17/07/2010 @ 17:14

 Ludovic HB9EOU informe that is impossible to make connection on the internet. The USB 3G key buy in Ouagadougou disconnect allway. Il is not possible to read DX-Cluster and update the web site from Ouagadougou.

Electric power is back - by hb9hli 17/07/2010 @ 10:41

 The electric power   is back  in Ouagadougou and trafic could be continue  !

Power loss in Ouagadougou - by hb9hlm 16/07/2010 @ 21:36

At 7.30 PM UTC the electric power lost allway in Ouagadougou. The team has reinstalled the antennas and the Steppir passes over the trees. The afternoon was difficult because of the storm. Now they await the return of electricity to resume the traffic. There is still no access to internet so no information back from the dx-cluster.

News of the day, friday 2010 jully 16. (Update) - by hb9hlm 16/07/2010 @ 15:36

Here are the details of day HB9HLM described on the French part of the XT2EME web site. 

Last Thursday, the antennas have been mounted but Steppir could not be mounted high enough because of the trees and antenna can not rotate. The delta loop 40 and 80 could not be mounted because it was missing a piece, the problem will be solved soon.

Today Friday morning, the group has launched a beacon on 50 MHz, all Europe has heard the group XT2EME without access to internet and dx-cluster for the moment not observed that it worked on 6m, and when HB9HLM sent an SMS to inform that he had heard in HB9, a big storm came and the traffic had to be stopped due to power failure. At 1:30 p.m. UTC, still without any electricity is flooded by the rain and there's mud everywhere. They hope to restart it soon. It also provides access to the internet, it should be possible soon to have access to the DX-Cluster and be informed when 6m is open.

I understand that some are disappointed not to make QSOs on 6m, we must understand that they are only 3 guys and they are a lot of work. These three guys made their first expedition prepared in three months, their goal is not the same as for large DX expeditions that do not have the budjet same, but less cost gives more money to the orphanage. That's why they ask for your understanding because they are doing their utmost to ensure that it works best.

Tranlated and adapted from French Message HB9HLM by HB9HLI.

First QSO on 20m tonight - by admin 14/07/2010 @ 22:41

First QSO on 20m this evening with a wire antenna, the beam will be drawn tomorrow.

The team as arrived in Ouagadougou - by hb9hlm 14/07/2010 @ 16:38

This afternoon, July 14 3:00 p.m. XT2EME team has arrived and exited the airport with all facilities. Rest to actually mount the antennas and the station. Good luck to the team, 73, Andre HB9HLM

Now EA7FTR is QSL manager of XT2EME - by admin 12/07/2010 @ 23:33

EA7FTR offered his free  services for our expedition with a high quality of QSL management. Thanks Francisco !

Xt2EME team is ready to go to Ouagadougou tomorrow jully, 13 - by admin 12/07/2010 @ 22:29

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