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XT2EME - Summary
It all started at about 15 May 2010 XT2EME

Following short discussion between diverse HB9EOU + HB9CVC was born XT2EME
as a result of what we soon propose something to our friend who long ago HB9HLV gives helping hand to the orphanage!

Beginning in June 2010 we began to talk to diverse people is very quickly we decided to launch the case
we go to the home of the Heart see if we can come to a small activation of this point the answer was more than positive, then we must find the license then it is addressed quickly the ARCE near Mr. Zabré to obtain a license is the period is very short for the team of three friends because in less than two months have got to have things right, license, airfare, equipment and antenna and everything else while trying to pack forget anything, all the more for us 3c is the first time that we 'adventure in radio activity of this magnitude.

Hopefully, everything goes more or less what HB9CVC HB9EOU often found in QRA of HB9HLM (HB9HLV too occupied with work)
squat basement for it with the material is cardboard boxes and then starts all test equipment to choose what is useful or not knowing that we are entitled to 133 kg while equipment is more or less chosen than have everything packed, trying to forget anything or not willfully mislead this with the amp we make with HI HI because we have an Acom 1006, packaged (QRA HLM but there is a Acom 1000, we made out like wrapping instead of 1006)
Then everything is packed in boxes bags is left is to make packaging for antennae Next Steppir 2 Elements then 5JXX6 is matte aluminum, Ludo HB9EOU thing to solve with PVC tubes (or Chucks ago carpet ride above) is by making wooden plugs for the ends. One fairly efficient way is solid in my opinion no case to arrive in Ouagadougou!!

July 8, 2010:

 Good news EA7FTR send us an email for this offer QSL manager is coming in to support our business. Thank you Fran

July 13, 2010:

loading the car and the road between Neuchâtel is the Marseille airport, everything went well on the road the next order while the luggage store, once again no problems despite the great reviews of people in the airport Ben This latter passes without problem with all this material "Once again no worries, everything is left is to save the trip is all recovered and then go to Ouagadougou Customs !!!!!!!!

July 14, 2010:

Arriving at the airport in Ouagadougou and baggage on the treadmill'm saying (which does not exist for that the airport is being renovated) so everything is discharging are brought to the floor so we made a little Archaeology manage it all together is loaded on a cart, things done now the fun we wait ... .. Customs we are the last in the airport so we imagine to have little concern for the post of Customs Customs big surprise we let pass without even a question on all our equipment. I think he wanted a coffee or what not too tired LOL fortunately.

Once you pass the Customs in charge of the orphanage waiting for us with his truck to take us there, we load is initially a little drive about 20 minutes is here we are.

HB9EOU the press to provide an antenna stressful buddies, things we do we draw the Windom then unpacks a TX Ludo begins to tamper with the first QSO was made on July 14, 2010 with IZ5HSK on 20m at 16.30 is very fast many will follow.
We pass the gastrointestinal Qrt then a little radio. Result 381 QSO the first night.

15 July 2010

It is this motivation to mount the steppir is 5jxx then continue the QSO (s)

July 16, 2010

is started Beacon 6m without Internet access for the control tags on 6m great regret, because it was understood throughout Europe even at a time in the morning to hear HB9EOU large signal response on the QRG 6m the tag but it depressing because the CW operator was not there! Then I know the CW I HB9EOU (Sniff)
very quickly the problems begin storm power outage. ... nothing wrong in theory.

July 17, 2010

The electricity is back we will continue to trade is to find solutions to install more antennas we are bored with trees and lots of noise! this will be 600 days qso

July 18, 2010

Ludo decides to stop the HF station to test the 6m pals around with great surprise the first QSO soon be achieved with 50 MHz Ea3aky at 9:43 and soon after other EA3GP, F8ZW, HB9BOI, DJ5JK, HB9BLF, HB9RG, S56P, result 42 QSO on 6m but we have great difficulty in leaving the calls on 6m too much interference is disrupting the Moto and other engines, hoping to solve the problem is the traffic continues.

July 19, 2010

 We continue the traffic visiting the area a bit by finding other solutions is for the station QTH 6m morale is a little bit lower to find solutions.

July 20, 2010

Finally found a place that has left the station apart 6m move is something that we do this then installs Windom also on site at the Station 6m so that it can be QRV has two stations now! Remains only to go put the money in our electric meter is'll be surprised to see if the change is the right solution for QRM is other parasites! The answer the aftermath. From the side of the orphanage is part of an antenna namely Windom then we say that now we can finally mount Delata Loop for 40m 80m
thing we do. Ludo is eager to test the 40 m point that will be made in the evening the first QSO is made with in the evening with M5JON, EA1GHI, EA5IDC, EA2AGV, that it works we can go to the Gastro !!!!!

We return quickly to the station to test the 40m after surprise my friends VE2LH contact us here then the antenna to the air of a work station a little further than Europe Hihi super fast after PY2DY, N3KS, WT8C, 140 QSO result the first day to say it should work.

July 21, 2010

It continues then this traffic pleased to be able to go test our QTH 6m next day when we will connect the electrical panel.

July 22, 2010

The current was connected to the QTH 6m appeal is unsuccessful, but when we do the QSO on 15 meters SSB from there so everything is ok.

July 23, 2010

We must say that the 6m opens !!!!! to see the result, it is very fast call is surprised it HB9HLM contact with a good signal and other stations 65 QSO results this morning.

July 24, 2010

6m back to the station or waiting for a good edutainment that day he made 165 QSO on 50 MHz

July 25, 2010

A day like others we are only 3 operators I wake up I tell myself is faster and 40m
I contacted YS1MAE surprise therefore Propagation is but nobody answers!!
on 6m NIL.

July 26, 2010

Ludo + CVC go 6m propagates is not any QSO on 6m this morning! He decided to leave the band Hf is 6m drop the result of a good traffic day with 1000 QSO house today between HLV CW SSB is EOU. Not easy for CVC to PSK because this market is a little overboard impossible to use multiple stations simultaneously.

July 27, 2010

Go as usual Ludo squat station can not do early morning, we put it on 40 meters is a good result QSO with Paul VK2HV then VK7ZE VK4HFO VK3HW 6m then make any QSO.

July 28, 2010

This morning Ludo sleep , looking forward as we could the boys do quite a PSK QSO in CW (Ludo thank you to sleep)

July 29, 2010

You make a good qso on 40 meters in the morning with the remaining ZL1BMW, VK2HY then no 6m QSO not Propagation. This day the CVC HLV is a lot of QSO CW psk 's great while I bathed in the pool!

July 30, 2010

A good day for CVC HLV there are a lot of PSK QSO also there will be 621 CW QSO in the log

July 31, 2010

80 QSO will realize in 6 meter  is a good series in PSK and CW CVC great
Ludo then for good cross pool HI

August 1, 2010

A good day for all with 516 QSO in the log PSK CW SSB.

August 2, 2010

Hlv to traffic in early morning, very early on 40m 'is great CW despite a big storm is the QRN. Then a bit later than 6m for the last time but without much success there is just 4 QSOs have the traffic to continue HF start any dismantling the antennas in order to bend all the equipment and storage.

August 3, 2010

The end for XT2EME an early awakening and then finally got everything packed in boxes is they've done the last 14 QSO (s) then that's loading equipment for HVAC is HLV (Ludo is Sick)
this day I am very weak with a high fever and then I got cold despite the 42 degree from the outside I do not know what happens.
We arrive at the airport with Gaston, who led us there (the head of the house of the heart.)

We'll soon all be recorded is clear from the airport to go for a drink is doing and thank Gaston Goodbye that is difficult.

Then the plane stayed in HLV all along CVC is not know!! Ludo is me I was freezing cold despite the coverage that I have obtained is the rest of the journey to 'get to my QRA in HB.

August 4, 2010

Landing on the side Marseille on early morning business recovery loads on carts CVC HLV (Ludo Copied it to shape) Passage of the Customs of the airport without any difficulty. Loading the vehicle and then the road to Switzerland !!!!!

Last Post Customs to cross in the Geneva HB no worries we arrive in Neuchatel through our Driver HLV (EOU tjs spirit to sleep and then to keep them warm) we arrive here at Andre HB9HLM where we unload the equipment so that all restore order to the days future. Only problem now CVC and HLV want to drink is a good glass of white wine from Neuchatel, so it should go s moisturize while EOU is going to sleep or at least try this treatment. That is what it found and then leaves the next day.

August 5, 2010

Last reunion after a short night drive our homes Denying (to find the invoices in the box at the letters) HI we find ourselves again in public housing in order to sort material deprive everyone is recovering. (I'm still not in great form with the fever) but it will in future days.

A big thank you to all those who helped us prepare for our radio activity within a very short time is a big thank you to someone who is helping us by lending us the equipment or having made a donation to the Heart House in Ouagadougou. And thank you to all those many who contact us and on tapes. It was a wonderful adventure that allowed us to assist an orphanage.

On behalf of Team editor of Article Ludo HB9EOU

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